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Real Estate Attorney In Twinsburg, OH

If you’ve worked hard your entire life to acquire your home, vehicles, and savings, chances are you want those items going to the right people once you pass. At R. Andrew Richner Co., we’ll assist with your estate planning or probate needs, regardless of where you reside in the Twinsburg, OH, area. 

Fear that a mental disease or terminal illness will leave you incapable of caring for yourself or render you mentally incompetent? If time is of the essence, contact our attorneys and we’ll help with your estate planning right away. We will travel to your location in Summit County if you’re incapable of visiting our offices. The first step is to listen to our client and pay close attention to their desires and goals pertaining to their property. 

Once we understand their wishes, we’ll work to establish a trust, establish powers of attorney, and pass property to family members. The plan is to keep your property safe from creditors and mitigate estate taxes. 

 We understand the law never stops evolving and changing, so our attorneys go the extra mile to continue their education and research the latest goings-on in real estate policies and rules. 

To learn more about our services click here or call us at (330) 425-2291. We offer free initial consultations and promise to keep your information private. 

OUr Practice Areas Include:

Estate & Trust Planning: Whether you have accumulated only a modest estate or have been blessed to accumulate a larger one, we can help put your mind at rest and ease the psychological and tax burdens upon your family in the event of your death or disability. Proper planning can help make things go smoothly in accordance with your wishes, and can significantly reduce administrative costs and delays. A main focus of our practice is on estate and trust planning. 

Probate or Trust Administration: When the need arises, we can efficiently assist you or your surviving loved ones with probate estate administration or the procedural and tax implications of a trust administration. 

Real Estate & Small Business Transactions: Our firm also has decades of experience in various types of real estate transactions, both residential and commercial sales and leases, as well as small business transactions involving private closely held Companies and LLCs. 

Call us for assistance at 330-425-2291. 

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